About Daring Dynamos

We are Tom Nelson and Phil Saunders. On the 17th March 2012, a great expedition was started - to cycle the world for the ultimate musical experience, whilst raising awareness and £75,000 for the fantastic charity War Child. From London we cycled east across Europe to Istanbul, where we met Tobias Schmid. As a Dynamo trio, we then cycled the length of Africa to Cape Town. Phil and Tobias are now off on their own adventures and Tom continues the journey solo across the USA and beyond.

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Misconceptions of a forgotten continent. A year on a bike

Red dust flies into the faces of the starving child, the mother desperately trying to swat the flies away from her baby’s eyes; drought stricken land creates a sympathetic backdrop for this awful scene, and in the distance you can hear the ratatattat of the militia’s AK47s. This, for a... (read more)

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